Select a Service

See the chart below and select the option that best describes your needs. Our surveys are just preliminary questionnaires that help us get to know you. We use this info to construct a custom-made, personalized experience just for you.


with Licensed Therapists
$80After completing a short survey, you will be able to purchase a session. This price is for a one-hour session.
  • A therapist can assist you with mental health difficulties, questions, diagnosis and more. They may help to reduce and manage symptoms of mental illness. Therapists can also help you with problem solving, setting goals, and developing direction and purpose.
  • 1 HOUR Session Time
  • NO Complicated Forms
  • NO Insurance Needed
  • NO Medical History
  • NO Waiting Rooms
  • NO Hassle


Testing & Results
OPTIONS Price is determined by assessments selected and may vary due to an individual's needs.
  • A number of tests is often used in assessments. We offer assessments for achievement, self report, cognitive and preschool assessment. After filling out the survey, you will be contacted for your tailored assessment experience.
  • Achievement
  • Preschool Assessment
  • Self Report
  • Cognitive