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Affordable TeleMental Health, LLC (ATMH)

The Mission

The mission of Affordable TeleMental Health, LLC is to provide extraordinary customer service using the following three components: affordability, leadership, and listening skills. We believe customers and employees are gifts that must be cherished, so we make sure they are satisfied with the services we provide and the climate in which we provide them. Our approach to fulfill this mission includes our new user-friendly app!

Coaching & Therapy

ATMH uses coaching and therapy to assist students with managing issues before they become problematic. Coaching will help students to develop resourceful skills/abilities, boost academic and social performance, and learn to independently conquer goals.

Assessments & More

In addition to coaching and therapy, we also offer affordable assessments. See our services for more info.


Yes I CAN Model

ATMH provides support and guidance while helping clients make sound decisions. Our coaches and therapists are highly trained using the therapeutic model, Yes I CAN.

C. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, obsessive compulsive disorder, PTSD and a number of other disorders.

A. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is based on the assumption that psychological pain is universal and normal and is a part of what makes us human. Our professionals help clients distinguish between types of pain.

N. Narrative Family Therapy helps clients on how to concentrate on redefining their problems, evaluating the consequences of maintaining negative thoughts and how to focus on their triggers.


Clients are evaluated and assessed by licensed psychologists and therapists2.

  • SB-5 & RIAS
  • Vineland & Conners-3
  • BDI(2&3)


Affordable TeleMental Health, LLC has highly-trained Master and Doctoral Level professionals with years of experience to provide support and guidance!

  • Social Workers
  • School Psychometrists
  • School Counselors
  • School Psychologists
  • Licensed Professional
  • Counselors


ATMH has Master and Doctoral Level professionals with years of experience including social workers, school psychometrist, school counselors, school psychologist, and licensed professional counselors. Our team is dedicated to providing quality service and sharing positivity. We are devoted to maintaining high standards of professionalism, effective communication, and continuous improvement of policies and processes based on the needs of our clients. Download the Positivity+ app to schedule a session at your convenience!

Daniel Upchurch, PhD

Professor of Psychology,
Psychologist, CEO, ATMH

Dr. Daniel Upchurch
Dr. Daniel Upchurch is a professor and psychologist with 15 years of experience working in mental health. Dr. Upchurch specializes in psychoeducational assessment, neurodevelopmental disorders, report writing and consultation. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Positivity.

Donna McCrary, PhD

Professor of
Social Work

Dr. Donna Gibson McCrary, PhD, LGSW
Donna McCrary, PhD, LMSW is a social work professor with 19 years of experience in academia. Dr. McCrary is a teacher, educator, researcher, and advocate in her community. She also has several years of social work practice experience, focusing on child welfare, human trafficking, death, dying and bereavement and gerontology with an emphasis on dementia.

Charles Lee, MD

& Advisor

Dr. Charles Lee
Dr. Charles Lee is a medical doctor and researcher with 35 years of experience in stem cell therapies and pain management. Dr. Lee specializes in Board Regenerative Medicine, Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine, and Comprehensive Anesthesia.

Sadguna Anasuri, PhD

CFLE, Positivity+

Dr. Sadguna Anasuri, PhD, CFLE
Dr. Sadguna Anasuri, PhD, CFLE is an associate professor and program coordinator in Human Development and Family Studies. With a background in child and human development, and 21 years in higher education, Dr. Anasuri’s expertise includes lifespan human development, resilience, diversity, poverty, distance-learning, among others.

Errica McCaleb, MS

Addiction & Mental
Health Therapist

Errica McCaleb
Errica McCaleb is an Addiction/Mental Health Therapist with seven years of experience working in government agencies and state mental health facilities. Errica specializes in co-occurring disorders and works very closely with combat veterans struggling with trauma. She is an advocate in educating and helping others to better understand the importance of mental health in underserved communities.

ReGina McGrath, M.Ed.


Teresa ReGina McGrath, M.Ed.
Teaching in four different countries and many different grade levels has given me a unique perspective on positivity in education. You see in 2016, I was an average-ish teacher of 20 plus years of experience in the Lake County School System. At the start of my career, I would brag that I was paid to play with children for a living, but by 2016, I was flaming out…
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I had been beaten up, both literally and figuratively, I had been disillusioned by the election and refused to be the teacher hanging on for another 6 years for full retirement, and so, we moved to China where I learned so much about the world and teaching peace. Next, a summer in the Czech Republic gave us a taste of Europe and its cultural significance and on to Mexico to round out my daughter’s high school years and my final grade school teaching years. We now find ourselves to be global citizens with a new found and well relished sense of wealth. My wealth may not be in bank accounts, but in a much more treasured tender. I am rich in friends and connections all over the world. I am delighted to find a project such as this to pour my heart into as it aligns quite well with my personal purpose statement of helping people become and enjoy being peaceful global learners and citizens. The Great Pause helped me realize that the importance lies in the relationships we build and so much less in what we do, but in how we treat others. I look forward to helping you navigate a peaceful path to happiness. Now that’s Positivity!

Brian K. Leonard, J.D., LL.M., Esq.


Brian K. Leonard, J.D., LL.M., Esq.
Brian K. Leonard, is an attorney and adjunct professor at Alabama A&M University. He served as an adjunct professor at Mitchell Hamline School of Law in Spring 2021. His research focuses on civil rights law, employment discrimination, and the intersection of race and the law. He holds a B.B.A., in Accounting, from Tennessee State…
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University, a J.D., from the Cumberland School of Law of Samford University, and a Master of Laws, (LL.M.) in Taxation from the University of Alabama School of Law. He is admitted to practice law in the state and federal courts in North Carolina, the U.S. Tax Court, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. He’s been published in the Journal of Employment and Labor Law, the West Virginia Law Review, and the Elon Law Review. He presented his research at the West Virginia College of Law, Duke University Law School’s Center on Law, Race, and Politics, and Elon Law School. He has a recently published book, entitled, Movement Mentors: Dred Scott, Homer Plessy, and Rev. Oliver Brown; Three Courageous Men, Their Landmark Cases, and Their Enduring Legacies.


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